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Used Water Well Drilling Machine For Sale Here Quick Way to Get


Used Water Well Drilling Machine For Sale Used Water Well Drilling Machine For Sale


MKHF1100Y Used Water Well Drilling Machine


The MKHF1100Y crawler hydraulic well drilling rig, using a new hydraulic technology, with low air consumption rotary torque,

variable bit shift hole easy.

The drilling rig compact structure, while promoting a retractable sliding shelf compensation, drilling when the sliding frame

support on the ground, drilling and good stability.

MKHF1100Y rig can reliablely and efficiently drill in hard rock two times as fast as the usual machine.

The MKHF1100Y drilling rig is mainly suitable for open mining, water conservancy, power plants, road building and other

rock blasting whole drilling.


(1). Economical. It can be owned by common families.

(2). Practical. It sell well in overseas.

(3). Easy to operate. Two persons can handle it.

(4). Portable. Low noise.


The parameters of MKHF1100Y:

Max hole depth 700m
Hole diameter 140—-400mm
Wind pressure 1.05—-8.45 Mpa
Air consumption 16-96.4 m³/min
Length of drilling pipe 4.5m
Diameter of drilling pipe Φ89/Φ108/Φ127m
Air reverse circulation double drill pipe Φ127m
Pull-down pressure 12t
Lifting capacity 60t
Slow-lifting speed 2m/min
Slow-forwarding speed 0.9m/min
Fast-lifting speed 18m/min
Fast-forwarding speed 37m/min
Rotating torque 11000Nm
Rotating speed 0-100r/min
The capacity of main windlass 2.5t steel wire  Φ12m
Mud pump flow 600L/min
Centrifugal flow 1300L/min
Engine 24kw/380v
Efficiency 10-25m/h
Grade ability 15°
Total Weight 16.8ton
Dimension (L * W * H) 7302*2200*2670mm


Used Water Well Drilling Machine For Sale Here Quick Way to Get

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