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Water well drilling rigs for sale in india Here Quick Way to Get


What is water well drilling rigs?

water well drilling rigs for sale in india

Main Features:

(1) compact size and light in weight of mechanical transmission, major diameter of vertical shaft, long distance of support span and good rigidity, hexagonal Kelly ensure the torque transfer.

(2)High speed and suitable range of speed to meet varies need of small diameter diamond bit drilling, big carbide bit drilling and all kinds of the engineer holes.

(3) Hydraulic systems can adjust the feeding pressure and the speed, so it can satisfy the drilling in various stratums .

(4) Pressure gauging can make you get the information about the feeding pressure at the end of the hole.

(5)Transmission and clutch of Automobile are choice in order to achieve the good generalization, easy repairing and maintenance.

(6)Close levers, convenient operation.

(7)The spindle has the octagon section so give more torgue.

water well drilling rigs for sale in india

used truck mounted water well drilling rig for sale in europe

Technological Data of   XYX-2 core drilling rig :

water well drilling rigs for sale in india

1.Fundamental parameters

Drilling depth                                                               76mm                              300m


219mm                            150m


500mm                            50m


Rod diameter                                                              50, 60mm


Drilling angle                                                               90°


Overall dimension (L x W x H )                                   5000*2200*2300mm


Rig weight                                                                   diesel engine                      4020Kg


2.Rotation & Spindle speed


Co-rotation                                                                 70, 146, 179, 267, 370, 450, 677,1145 r/min


Reverse rotation                                                        62, 157 r/min


Spindle stroke                                                            550mm


Spindle pulling force                                                   68kn


Spindle feeding force                                                 46kn


Maximum output torque                                             2550nm




Lifting speed                                                              0.64, 1.33, 2.44 m/s


Lifting capacity                                                           25, 15, 7.5 kn


Cable diameter                                                          15mm


Drum diameter                                                          200mm


Brake diameter                                                          350mm


Brake band width                                                      74mm


4. Frame moving device


Frame moving stroke                                                420mm


Distance away from hole                                          300mm


5.Hydraulic oil pump


Type                                                                          CB-25


Rated flow                                                                 40L/min


Rated pressure                                                          8MPA


6.Power unit 


Diesel engine                                                             N485Q


Rated power                                                              24.6kw


Rated speed                                                              1800r/min


Electric motor                                                             Y180L-4


Rated power                                                               22kw


Rated speed                                                               1450 r/min

water well drilling rigs for sale in india

Water well drilling rigs for sale in india

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