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mini water well drilling


mini water well drilling
mini water well drilling;

Main feature and application:

C150CA truck mounted drilling rig is our company’s domestically innovated products. It is a kind of truck mounted rotary drilling rig with complete hydraulic drive system. The truck chassis adopts the special crane chassis of brand CHAN’AN TRUCK and the main drive system, hydraulicsystem, electronic control system,8BS mud pump,Sz-2 vacuum pump ,turntable, drilling tower areset upon the chassis.

The rig adopts car engine as a driving force, supporting the 100 kW generators and an external power supply, so this rig can work with the diesel engine or electric engine. It realized the diesel and electric dual purpose and realized the integration control with engine,electric and hydraulic.3. The rig is equipped with 8BS gravel pump and has direct-reversed circulation pump sets, it adopts the slurry as the washing fluid and normal & reverse circulation drilling is implemented by switching mud pump. TheexternalSz – 2 vacuum pump water diversion systems provide convenience for 8BS gravel pump diversion system.

The rig is equipped with the entire vehicle hydraulic systems, hydraulic lifting power head,hydraulic movements’ tower and four legs hydraulic control. Two back legs can stanch at horizontallevel. Four legs can be operated simultaneously and operated separately that improves the flexibility of the rig and it is convenience for rig to balance quickly.

The rig’s drill pipe adopts the threaded connection format, supporting dedicated loading and unloading rod device and easy to operate. Hydraulic cylinder equipped with pressurizing and pressure relief device that can assist hydraulic cylinder to reduce pressure or increase pressure when encountered the mud and rock and strong weathering hard formation layer, it can improve the rig’sdrilling efficiency andprotect drilling tools.

The appearance of rig is pretty, it has a high efficiency because of a larger torque of the turntable, it is mainly used for Quaternary loose bed and gravel layer, such as construction, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, and geothermic well and other foundation working, itis popular with domestic and foreign clients.

Picture forC150CA Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Technical Parameter

Drilling depth(M)


Drilling diameter(mm)


Speed of power head(r/min)


Torque of power head(KN.m)


Single rope lifting capacity of main windlass(KN)


Bearing capacity of mast (KN)


The height of mast (mm)


Bearing capacity (t)





gravel pump

Theory of flow (L / min)


Input speed (r / min)


Input power (kw)


Sz-2 vacuum pump

air displacement(L/min)


Input speed (r / min)


Input power (kw)



Diesel engine


YC6J180-33 water cooled,4-stroke,intercooled supercharged diesel engine

Rated power (kw)


Speed (r/min)




Chassis drive form


Electric generator

Rated power(kW)


Rated power (V)




The highest speed km/h)


Transport size(L*W*H)(mm)


Working size(L*W*H)(mm)


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MK Industry (HK)Co.,Ltd., located inHK,China, is an integrated corporation specialized in manufacturing and exporting top quality drilling equipment and drilling parts for decades. We are supported and assisted by a highly experienced team of designers and engineers that enable us to complete all the assigned projects successfully as per the specified requirement from our clients.

Our products are widely used in the scope of mining, water well drilling and exploration, anchor grouting project, side slope protection engineering, oil and gas engineering,underwater rock drilling & blasting operations of seaport channel, hydropower project, national defense projects ect.

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