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good price borewell machine portable small water well drilling rigs on sale


good price borewell machine portable small water well drilling rigs on sale

800A Top-driving full-hydraulic water well drill rig

Technical Parameter


Max. drill depth :700m

Drill diameter :140-500mm

Working air pressure:1.05-6.45MPa

Air consumption:16-96.4 m³/min

Drill rod length:4.5m

Drill rod diameter:89/ 108/ 127mm

Air reverse double ply drill rod :127mm(Optional)

Axial pressure::6t

Lifting force:32t

Slow lifting speed:4.4m/min

Slow feed speed:0.5-7.2m/min

Fast lifting speed:25m/min

Fast feed speed:36m/min

Rotation torque:13000Nm;6500Nm

Rotation speed:0-80r/min;0-160r/min

Lifting ability of big winch:4t:Length of steel rope:60m

Lifting ability of small winch:1.5t;Length of steel rope:60m

Mud pump flow rate:600L/min(Optional)

Centrifugal pump flow rate:1300L/min (Optional)

Dynamo:24Kw/380v (Optional)

Penetration rate:10-25m/h

Grade ability:21


Whole dimension:8.7*2.3*3.3 m

Application formation:Unconsolidated layer or bedding rock

Drill method::Down the hole

Hammer:Intermediate of high air pressure series

Structures features

1. Diesel engine-driving hydraulic system. Travel, rotate, feed, hoist, land, lift, unload and so on are all run by hydraulic components.

2. During rock drilling operation, you can use down the hole hammer or reverse hammer(optional) that air compressor will provide wind to drive and slag. In operation, you can use hammer and common drill rod to make positive circulation operation; or use reverse hammer and double ply drill rod(intake air through the gap of the double ply, and slag through the inner tube) to make reverse circulation operation.

3. If use cutting or tri-cone bit to drill the hole, you can choose mud pump and slag with mud.

4. Working unit consists of feed system, slide guide(mast), top-driving rotary head, slide plate, centering apparatus, unloading system and hoisting system, etc.

5. Hydraulic pressure integrates the top-driving rotary machine into block to realize the power output of the torque and speed of both ends in constant power, low speed high torque and high speed low torque. In order to adapt to different site conditions and drilling diameters.

6. Rotary machine is capable of turning away from the drilling axis, and make it convenient for the winch to drop the pipe and operate.

7. Cylinder plate chain propulsion mode, reliable and durable

8. Roller slide is wearable.

9. Axial pressure, feed speed and rotation speed are adjustable.

10. The lifting ability of big winch is 4 tons. The steel rope is 60 meters long, and it can assist with lifting, dropping the pipe. The lifting ability of small winch is 1.5 tons, and can lift drill bits, tools, etc. Or assist with discharging drill rod.

11. Crawler self-driven structure travel mode, easy to move. Use crawler chassis. Steel track link(Inlaying rubber block is in option which is easy to travel on city streets).With four high landing legs as standard configuration. During long-distance transportation loaded with vehicle, it can be moved onto the vehicle directly and easy for transportation, no need to lift.

12.Separate hydraulic oil cooler allows the drill rig to work continuously and the temperature of hydraulic oil won’t get high.

13. During operation, four hydraulic landing legs will adjust the rig body level and stability

14. During operation, the mast can be fixed with the rig body, and a back knighthead will improve the operation stability of the mast.

15. Level instrument and dedicated centering apparatus ensure theperpendicularity and accuracy of the drilling hole.

16. Compressed-air system provides special oil mist lubricator to lubricate the hammer and longer the serving life of it

Product Description


Company Information

MK Industry (HK)Co.,Ltd., located inHK,China, is an integrated corporation specialized in manufacturing and exporting top quality drilling equipment and drilling parts for decades. We are supported and assisted by a highly experienced team of designers and engineers that enable us to complete all the assigned projects successfully as per the specified requirement from our clients.

Our products are widely used in the scope of mining, water well drilling and exploration, anchor grouting project, side slope protection engineering, oil and gas engineering,underwater rock drilling & blasting operations of seaport channel, hydropower project, national defense projects ect.

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